Nov 25, 2021

​Binance has registered a fourth company in Ireland

The head of the exchange noted that the country is attractive with a small tax rate

Nov 25, 2021

​JPMorgan sees more potential in Ethereum than Bitcoin

52% of investors are willing to invest in ether

Nov 25, 2021

​The blockchain company Avocado Guild has attracted investments in the amount of $18 million

The startup's valuation has grown to $200 million after a Series A funding round

Nov 24, 2021

​The Niantic company has raised $300 million in funding

The funds will be used to create and develop the metaverse

Nov 23, 2021

​Crypto company MoonPay has raised investments in the amount of $555 million

The startup has successfully completed a Series A funding round with major funds

Nov 20, 2021

​The Finiko founder Kirill Doronin has testified against 44 associates

However, the investigation will not yet consider the easing of pre-trial detention

Nov 20, 2021

​Gemini plans to attract investments and become a competitor to the Facebook metaverse

The first round of funding of $400 million is nearing completion

Nov 19, 2021

​The UK regulator has launched an investigation into the Floki Inu advertising campaign

The supervisory authority noted that advertising encouraged people to invest in unregulated financial products

Nov 19, 2021

​Blockchain startup Nym Technologies has raised $13 million

The funds will be used to develop technologies that improve data privacy

Nov 18, 2021

​The Russian authorities are going to limit investments in cryptocurrencies

The government believes that restrictions on unqualified investors should protect them from financial losses

Nov 18, 2021

​Scammers have created fake cryptocurrencies in Russia

Russians invest in ICO but cannot get their money back afterward

Nov 16, 2021

​Paradigm company has launched a fund to support cryptocurrency projects

In total, the team will allocate around $2,5 billion to the innovation area