Jul 21, 2023

​Bank of Russia tells about the FSB’s participation in the development of the digital ruble

According to the regulator, the platform for the operation of the asset meets the highest security standards

Jul 20, 2023

​US senators propose regulating DeFi protocols like banks

The bill is designed “to fight the rise in crypto-facilitated crime”

Jul 20, 2023

​SEC chair asks Congress for $72 million to “protect investors against a crypto industry”

Gary Gensler stated the risks to users due to the uncontrolled activities of companies in the sector

Jul 19, 2023

​Kennedy Jr. proposes eliminating taxes on BTC

According to the US presidential candidate, such an approach will stimulate innovation

Jun 30, 2023

SEC criticizes applications to launch spot bitcoin ETFs

The bitcoin rate reacted to the regulator’s statement by falling

Jun 29, 2023

​Non-residents of the Russian Federation will be able to use digital rubles

The regulator plans to launch a service for individuals and legal entities from other countries

Jun 28, 2023

​EU authorities suspect Binance of illegal activities in Malta and Ireland

Incidents related to money laundering and tax evasion are being investigated

Jun 26, 2023

Deputy Aksakov announces the legalization and “serious control” of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation

According to the official, the owners of this type of asset are waiting for the opportunity to work in the legal field

Jun 21, 2023

​Fed chair calls stablecoins a form of money

Jerome Powell believes that the Central Bank should play an important role in regulating such assets

Jun 20, 2023

​Zimbabwe’s authorities to be the first in the world to launch a P2P platform for cryptocurrency trading

The initiative aims to reduce the demand for the US dollar among the country’s citizens

Jun 7, 2023

​SEC chair compares the business models of Binance and the bankrupt FTX

Members of the crypto community pointed out that despite Gary Gensler’s statement, the regulator did not sue FTX

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