Jan 18, 2022

​India calls for global cooperation in the crypto sphere

The country’s government is trying to strengthen its position in the field of digital assets regulation

Jan 17, 2022

​Prime Minister Holness: 70% of Jamaica's population will switch to CBDC in 5 years

He noted the advantages of using CBDC, including the reduced banking costs and inclusiveness

Jan 15, 2022

​El Salvador's investments in BTC has gone into negative territory

Due to the decline in the coin’s exchange rate, the losses amounted to about $12 million

Jan 15, 2022

​Rio de Janeiro authorities plan to transfer of part its reserves into bitcoin

The mayor of the city plans to adopt the experience of Miami to become the technological capital of South America

Jan 14, 2022

​Swiss Central Bank tested CBDC with commercial lenders

The successful trial was an important part of the second phase of Project Helvetia

Jan 13, 2022

​Pakistan calls for ban on cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are speculation, according to the country's Central Bank representative

Jan 12, 2022

​US Fed Chair has commented on digital assets and inflation

Jerome Powell, during a speech before the Senate Committee, said that CBDCs and stablecoins can coexist

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