Sep 30, 2022

Bank for International Settlements to start testing digital national currencies

The project will run until the end of this year, with a final report expected in Q1 2023

Sep 28, 2022

Bank of Russia allows the possibility of non-residents using the digital ruble

Further expansion of the technology is planned only after the successful completion of the first stage of testing

Sep 28, 2022

Fed chair denies the possible anonymity of the digital dollar

In this, Jerome Powell stressed that the asset must ensure the privacy of transactions

Sep 27, 2022

Deputy Aksakov allows the possibility of the use of the digital ruble in settlements with China

The official said that the country is actively working on alternative methods of payment and trade settlements

Sep 27, 2022

Russian banks will include the digital ruble in their financial statements starting in 2023

The Bank of Russia has also added digital financial assets to the accounting system

Sep 26, 2022

Deputy Aksakov announces the readiness of Russian exchanges to work with cryptocurrency

The official added that laws allowing the platforms to begin work could be passed as early as November

Sep 22, 2022

Iran begins testing state digital currency

The main aim of the authorities is “to turn banknotes into a programmable entity”

Sep 21, 2022

US Treasury Department calls crypto mixers problem for sanctions

According to the agency’s employees, such services allow Russia, Iran, and the DPRK to circumvent the restrictions imposed

Sep 19, 2022

Russia’s Ministry of Finance questions the possibility of decentralizing the financial system of the Russian Federation

Department employee Ivan Chebeskov also spoke about the details of the draft law on cross-border crypto payments

Sep 14, 2022

Bank of Russia explains skepticism about the legalization of private crypto assets

First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia believes that the country’s economy should develop through the digital ruble

Sep 13, 2022

More than 100 crypto companies form a committee to support candidates for the US Congressional elections

Circle, Kraken, and other Blockchain Association representatives will support crypto-friendly candidates

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