Jan 26, 2023

​US will start mining bitcoin with nuclear power

The zero-carbon footprint farm will be operational as early as this year

Jan 26, 2023

​Russian Federation proposes a complete ban on mining in residential buildings

It is also proposed to ban the mining of cryptocurrencies in energy-deficient regions, such as Kuban and Adygea

Jan 18, 2023

​Residents of the Irkutsk region urge the president to impose differential tariffs for miners

The appeal refers to the critical situation with illegal cryptocurrency mining in the region

Jan 16, 2023

​Bitcoin mining difficulty updates its all-time high above 37 T

After another recalculation, the hashrate of the network is at 271,77 EH/s

Jan 13, 2023

Bitfarms warns of a possible default on loan from BlockFi

The mining company is looking for more favorable conditions for the payment of the remaining debt in the amount of $20 million

Jan 13, 2023

TON developers will freeze $2 billion worth of tokens at early miner addresses

The decision is due to the fact that wallets have not been active on the network for a long time

Jan 9, 2023

​Bitcoin hashrate rises to a record high of 360 EH/s

On January 9, the figure dropped to 265,87 EH/s

Jan 9, 2023

​Glassnode records the end of bitcoin sales by miners

This is the first time the trend has changed in months

Jan 4, 2023

​Bitcoin miner Core Scientific disables 37 000 Celsius mining rigs

The agreement marks the end of a dispute that had been going on since October 2022

Jan 4, 2023

​Heatbit releases its home heater with bitcoin mining function

The device is capable of heating a one-room apartment while simultaneously mining the cryptocurrency

Jan 3, 2023

​Bitcoin miner revenue fell by 37,5% in 2022

The debt-to-equity ratio for a number of miners has increased several times

Dec 27, 2022

​Mining company Argo Blockchain stops trading shares for 24 hours

On December 28, before the start of trading, the firm plans to make a statement

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