Crypto regulations

Jan 25, 2023

​EU proposes to allow banks to keep 2% of capital in cryptocurrency

The bill approved by the Committee of the European Parliament reflects the provisions proposed by the Bank for International Settlements

Jan 25, 2023

​Russia’s Ministry of Finance supports the tax rate for miners in the amount of 7-20%

At the moment, the deputies are discussing various taxation options — from the UTII to the income tax

Jan 24, 2023

SEC significantly restricts the ability of crypto companies to enter exchanges

According to the WSJ, companies have faced increased regulatory scrutiny since the collapse of FTX

Jan 24, 2023

​US Internal Revenue Service makes it compulsory to pay tax on profits from staking

In addition, taxpayers will have to pay part of the profits from airdrops, hard forks, and mining

Jan 23, 2023

​Reuters learns about the tightening of the rules of banks with cryptocurrencies in the EU

Financial institutions will be required to have excess collateral for digital assets

Jan 20, 2023

​Stellar to become CFTC’s advisor on blockchain and digital assets

The decentralized protocol team will promote the technology and help regulate the industry

Jan 18, 2023

​Russia’s Ministry of Finance explains the delay in adopting a bill on the legalization of mining

The department has not yet reached a consensus with the Central Bank and law enforcement authorities

Jan 13, 2023

​SEC accuses Gemini and Genesis of violating securities laws

In response, Gemini’s co-founder accused the regulator of hindering the recovery of investors’ funds

Jan 11, 2023

​Hong Kong regulator forms its list of cryptocurrencies allowed for retail trading

The new legal regime will make the city more friendly to startups in the field of digital assets

Jan 9, 2023

​Hong Kong authorities announce their readiness to accept crypto companies from around the world

Several leading tech firms and startups are now considering moving their headquarters to the jurisdiction

Jan 4, 2023

​Israel proposes to equate cryptocurrencies with securities

The country’s financial regulator has proposed a number of amendments to existing laws

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