Crypto regulations

Jan 18, 2022

​Spain to tighten rules on crypto advertising

This is the first country in the EU that will legally restrict the advertising of digital assets

Jan 13, 2022

​Hong Kong is developing a plan to regulate cryptocurrency market

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority will issue a regulatory framework for local businesses and traders by July 2022

Jan 12, 2022

​National Finance Association of the Russian Federation has proposed legalizing investments in digital assets

The organization noted that foreign companies and unregistered intermediaries receive income from transactions with cryptocurrency

Jan 12, 2022

​SEC fined tZERO cryptocurrency platform

The total amount of the fine for violating the US law was $800 000

Jan 11, 2022

​Thailand to accelerate the implementation of tax criteria for cryptocurrency

The country's Revenue Department is already in talks with the Central Bank, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Jan 6, 2022

​Thailand hits crypto traders with income tax

The government has advised traders to “accurately” report their income when filing their tax returns

Jan 6, 2022

​Polymarket prediction platform fined $1,4 million

The main reason for the sanctions by regulators is the lack of registration with the CFTC

Jan 5, 2022

​Two ads have been blocked in the UK

The regulator: ads failed to illustrate investment risks and exploited consumers' inexperience

Jan 5, 2022

​El Salvador prepares bill to regulate bitcoin bonds

The development of such documents is necessary to maintain the viability of financial instruments

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