Jun 14, 2024

Nigeria’s tax authorities drop charges against Binance’s senior executives

Earlier, congressmen and former US prosecutors sent open letters in defense of senior executive Tigran Gambaryan

Jun 13, 2024

OKX beefed up account security after $2 million user hack

Hackers stole funds from an exchange client using deepfakes

Jun 11, 2024

OKX CEO denies claims of account hacking due to a change in the verification method

Amid discussions of possible OKX security breaches, over $200 million were withdrawn from the platform overnight

Jun 10, 2024

DeFi protocol UwU Lend loses $19,3 million in an exploit

The team has suspended the project while the investigation is ongoing

Jun 7, 2024

CoinGecko report a data breach of 2 million users due to a third-party hack

The accounts on the aggregator’s own platform are safe, the hacker did not gain access to the passwords

Jun 6, 2024

Buterin-backed privacy protocol Nocturne has announced its closure

Withdrawals using the protocol’s interface will be available until the end of the month

May 31, 2024

FreeTrump token rises by 576% after Trump’s guilty plea to forgery charges

Overall, the capitalization of the political meme token sector grew by 5,9% overnight

May 29, 2024

Former FTX senior executive Ryan Salame received 7,5 years in prison in the US

The term exceeded the sentence recommended by prosecutors

May 23, 2024

SEC has provided Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice with materials on the Terra creator’s fraud case

The Ministry of Justice has not yet decided whether the businessman will be extradited to the US or South Korea

May 15, 2024

UK authorities shut down a crypto advisory firm for promoting crypto Ponzi investments

The owner of Amey Finance Academy misled clients about the risks associated with recommended investment schemes

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