Jan 17, 2022

​BTC holder lost $1,14 million due to giveaway scam

The head of MicroStrategy reported identifying 489 YouTube channels created by the attackers

Jan 15, 2022

​Crypto giant ConsenSys sues former fund manager

The company found out that an employee lied about her experience when submitting her resume

Jan 15, 2022

​Russia’s FSB disrupts REvil hacker group’s activity

The agency conducted an investigation after the US authorities identified the head of the cybercriminals

Jan 14, 2022

​North Korean hackers stole $400 million in cryptocurrency in 2021

According to Chainalysis, the cyber attacks were supported by the country's government

Jan 14, 2022

​Tether froze several addresses at the request of the authorities

The platform has blacklisted three Ethereum addresses that collectively contain $160 million in USDT

Jan 14, 2022

​Hackers blocked Ukrainian government websites

A massive attack was recorded on the night of Thursday, January 14

Jan 12, 2022

​US Federal Trade Commission warns of new crypto scam

The attackers use QR codes and crypto ATMs in their scheme

Jan 12, 2022

NFT Frosties creators stole $1,3 million from investors

After selling all 8 888 tokens in the form of the cartoon ice cream, the scammers disappeared

Jan 10, 2022

​Pakistan investigates Binance’s activities in connection with a multi-million dollar crypto scam

The Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan ordered the CEO of Binance Pakistan to appear for questioning to identify the exchange's links to fraudulent schemes

Jan 10, 2022

​Hackers have attacked the LCX cryptocurrency exchange

The criminals managed to withdraw about $8 million from the platform's hot wallet

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