May 29, 2023

​Tornado Cash community accepts the hacker’s offer to take back control of the protocol

It is not yet known whether the attacker will return the stolen funds

May 26, 2023

Dash blockchain resumes operation after a technical glitch

Dash Core Group CTO said that the blockchain is working and stable again, thanks to the rapid response of network node operators

May 25, 2023

​Montenegrin court denies $428 000 bail to Do Kwon

In this, he had already remitted the entire amount of bail to the court of first instance

May 25, 2023

​Tornado Cash hacker transfers part of the stolen ETH and TORN

The hacker still has more than 20 ETH (~$35 691) in his wallet

May 25, 2023

​Unciphered professionals have found a way to hack the Trezor T crypto wallet

The company managed to obtain a seed phrase and a PIN code using a discovered vulnerability in the device’s chip

May 24, 2023

​Binance talks about the use of AI technology to bypass KYC

The platform’s chief security officer warned that over time, deepfakes will become more advanced

May 24, 2023

​Fintoch DeFi project team steal $31,6 million from its users

The platform promised a 1% daily return and claimed to be owned by Morgan Stanley

May 22, 2023

​Dash blockchain stops after upgrade activation

The developers have not yet announced a possible resumption time

May 22, 2023

​Cardano founder calls Ethereum Classic a “scam”

Charles Hoskinson believes that only a group of insiders benefits from the existence of the project

May 22, 2023

​DCG overdue payments to Gemini customers by $630 million

The conglomerate had to pay the funds under the loan program in the period from May 9 to May 11

May 22, 2023

​MetaMask developer denies rumors about tax collection on crypto transactions

ConsenSys representatives explained that the tax section applies only to products and paid subscriptions offered by the company

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