Jan 27, 2023

​Tezos to develop blockchain for car registration in California

An ownership transfer client application in the form of NFT will be introduced in the coming months

Jan 18, 2023

​Polkadot now has the ability of the interaction of parachains without bridges

Cross-Consensus Messaging version 3 will improve the security of information exchange in the blockchain ecosystem

Jan 13, 2023

Polygon will hold a hard fork in January to improve network performance

The changes will take effect only if approved by the blockchain community

Jan 9, 2023

​Ethereum developers confirm the release of the Shanghai upgrade in March

After this news, token rates of staking platforms Lido Finance, Ankr, and Rocket Pool rose

Jan 6, 2023

​Chinese scientists calculate a 48-bit key on a quantum computer

To crack the most complex 2048-bit cipher, a computer of 50-100 qubits is needed

Dec 30, 2022

​Stacks blockchain project developers intend to implement smart contracts in Bitcoin

Stacks bitcoin (sBTC) will help make the first cryptocurrency fully programmable

Dec 29, 2022

​Dogecoin developer denies rumors about the transition of the blockchain to PoS

Michi Lumin noted that this will not happen without community approval

Dec 29, 2022

​BMW to integrate blockchain into the company’s loyalty program and processes

The automaker will use the BNB Chain and Coinweb’s infrastructure for this purpose

Dec 13, 2022

Sberbank will launch digital tokens for gold

The new financial instrument will allow getting investment income depending on the dynamics of the price of the precious metal

Dec 9, 2022

​Ethereum developers announce the release of the Shanghai upgrade in March 2023

The network’s hard fork will allow ETH coins to be withdrawn from staking

Nov 30, 2022

​Sberbank’s blockchain platform will be compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem

This will allow developers to freely transfer smart contracts and entire projects between the bank’s blockchain network and open networks

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