Jan 17, 2022

​Crocs applied for trademark registration in the NFT segment

The footwear manufacturer is going to use a trademark for commercial purposes

Jan 17, 2022

​Tonga accepts bitcoin donations after tsunami

The owners of cryptocurrencies have expressed their intention to financially support the relief operations

Jan 17, 2022

​CNBC: Walmart enters the metaverse market

The company's immediate plans may include the release of NFT, virtual commodities, and its own cryptocurrency

Jan 17, 2022

​Parler to launch NFT collection with Donald Trump

The project will be implemented in partnership with artist Jon McNaughton

Jan 15, 2022

​University of San Diego accepts bitcoin donations

1% of the total digital assets will now be allocated quarterly to finance the campus’s activities

Jan 11, 2022

​US congressional candidates raised campaign funds with the help of NFT

Democrat Shrina Kurani and Republican Blake Masters participated in the token issue

Jan 11, 2022

​The Cardano Foundation has planted one million trees

The project was implemented with the users’ donations in the ADA token

Jan 10, 2022

​CryptoPunk #2681 was sold for $2,9 million

The purchase was made by a cryptocurrency payment provider, the MoonPay company

Jan 6, 2022

​LG and Samsung to add NFT support to their new TVs

South Korea's largest corporations are competing in the cryptocurrency race

Jan 5, 2022

​CoinGecko service has released NFT book

This is the company's third book on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

Jan 4, 2022

​Square Enix announced its blockchain development plans

The CEO of a gaming company sees new opportunities in NFT and the Metaverse

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