Jan 27, 2023

​Media report on Amazon’s preparations for the launch of the NFT platform

The company has attracted a number of experts from the crypto industry to work on the project

Jan 26, 2023

​Porsche NFT floor price soars to $5200 after production stopped

The company issued only 2363 non-fungible tokens instead of the 7500 planned

Jan 23, 2023

​Virtual real estate sales increased by 180% in 2022

Analysts at Parcel recorded an increase in sales from $0,4 billion to $1,4 billion

Jan 20, 2023

​Solana launches Web 3.0 smartphone sales in 33 countries

Users from these countries can already pre-order on the official website

Jan 19, 2023

​Linux Foundation announces the launch of the foundation to build an open metaverse

The founding companies of the Open Metaverse Foundation will deal with various aspects of the development of virtual worlds, from technological to legal

Jan 16, 2023

​User blames Google Ads for losing all funds in cryptocurrency and NFTs

Hackers managed to gain access to all of his social networks and services

Jan 12, 2023

​Yuga Labs will launch a game with rewards for activity in the form of NFTs

Tokens called Sewer Passes will be the key to unlocking the Dookey Dash

Jan 9, 2023

​Gala Games will make two movies with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg

The GALA token reacted to the news of the partnership with the actors with 69% growth

Jan 5, 2023

​Animoca Brands begins talks to raise $1 billion for Web 3.0 fund

Animoca Capital will use the money to support startups in the field of blockchain and virtual worlds

Dec 26, 2022

​International Chess Federation announces a partnership with Avalanche

FIDE plans to attract 500 million players to Web 3.0 through a new partnership

Dec 23, 2022

​OpenSea starts deleting Cuban users to comply with US sanctions

The platform’s representative clarified that the measures comply with the terms of service

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