Oct 20, 2021

​Cosmos team will create a new blockchain

A project called Sagan will become a test platform for launching new protocols

Oct 19, 2021

​Indonesia, Chile, and Argentina have become world leaders in the popularization of cryptocurrency

Coinformant has ranked the states with the greatest interest in digital assets

Oct 14, 2021

​BlockWRK chooses Visa to launch the first cryptocurrency card

The compensation programme will improve staff productivity

Oct 12, 2021

​Chess player Magnus Carlsen received two copies of the NFT trophy

One of the copies was bought by the chess player’s fan for $25 000

Oct 6, 2021

​Qatar National Bank has announced cooperation with Ripple

This partnership will allow payments to be made in real time, reducing transaction delays

Oct 4, 2021

​Blockchain-based platform Ojamu raised $1.7 Million

Funding will help the project realize its vision to help brands get the best digital marketing solutions

Oct 4, 2021

​The University of Cape Town will commence blockchain and digital currency classes

A short online course will allow students to find out more about cryptocurrency and learn about its impact on various industries