Nov 26, 2021

​Uzbekistan has allowed residents to trade on local cryptocurrency exchanges

Under the new rules, the country’s residents can buy, sell and exchange digital assets for their national currency

Nov 26, 2021

​Saxo Bank: 2022 is the year of cryptocurrency

The digital asset market is now in its initial phase of development

Nov 26, 2021

​The Grayscale analysts predict metaverses’ revenue growth of up to $1 trillion per year

In their view, this area attracts users by providing “new online opportunities”

Nov 25, 2021

​Hillary Clinton calls for cryptocurrency regulation to avoid manipulation by Russia

The former Secretary of State expressed her concerns about destabilizing the country and the dollar as a reserve currency

Nov 25, 2021

​The owners of the crypto trader Mr. Goxx's hamster have announced his death

The rodent suddenly refused to eat and passed away on November 22

Nov 24, 2021

​The creator of a fraudulent crypto project was detained in Spain

Interpol has been searching for the suspect since 2015

Nov 24, 2021

​The US regulators will prepare guidance on cryptocurrencies during 2022

The interagency group included representatives from the OCC, FDIC, and FRS

Nov 24, 2021

​The Regal cinema chain has started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for goods

Its customers will be able to buy tickets, popcorn, and snacks for digital assets

Nov 24, 2021

​The Australia's largest bank has announced the risks of not dealing in cryptocurrencies

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia representatives believe that the institution should be involved in the development of the industry

Nov 23, 2021

​The IMF once again has opposed the legalization of BTC in El Salvador

According to the fund, the use of bitcoin as a legal tender carries risks for users