Nov 26, 2021

The largest mining pools have faced disruptions on the night of November 26

An expert believes that the Chinese government is likely to interfere with the mining pools

Nov 25, 2021

​Miners leave Kazakhstan due to power shortages

The country has accepted some of the miners migrating from Kazakhstan, but there are not enough resources for everyone

Nov 25, 2021

​More than 1 million ETH has burned on the cryptocurrency network

The London update that changed the mechanism for charging transaction fees was activated 109 days ago

Nov 23, 2021

​The State Duma deputy has proposed to make the Irkutsk region a pilot region for legalizing mining

Anton Gorelkin noted that cryptocurrency mining has already become “a daily source of income” for many Russians

Nov 22, 2021

​Crypto Classic has launched a blockchain-based payment system

The project aims to be used among large, medium, or small brands, companies, organizations, and even countries

Nov 22, 2021

​Venezuela has offered to give scholarships to citizens studying cryptocurrencies

The program aims to ensure economic stability in the country

Nov 22, 2021

El Salvador will build the world's first Bitcoin City

The project is run jointly with Blockstream and Bitfinex

Nov 20, 2021

Norway is considering a ban on bitcoin mining

As an argument, the government reported unjustified electricity costs

Nov 20, 2021

​Sales of Nvidia’s chips for mining fell by 60%

The indicator was $105 million in the third quarter

Nov 18, 2021

​The Association of Cryptoeconomics has pointed to the rights of Russians to own cryptocurrency

But it was emphasized that the use of such tools to pay for goods and services is prohibited

Nov 18, 2021

​Laos has introduced new rules for regulating the digital asset market

The document includes a number of important requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges and miners