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​67% of Canadians agree to be paid in cryptocurrency

20.01.2022 - 08:30


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What’s new? Canada has conducted a survey among its adult residents on their attitude of being paid in cryptocurrency. According to the published data, 67% of the respondents are ready to consider such a possibility in the next five years.

The full results of the study

Which cryptocurrencies are at the top? Among those who agree to be paid in cryptocurrency, preferences are as follows: 81% of the respondents chose Bitcoin, 48% chose Ethereum, and the top three are rounded out by the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

Among this category of respondents, more than 25% have already purchased a cryptocurrency. They cited a desire to make a profit as the main reason for buying. Other reasons include a desire to become a part of the innovative community and to support the decentralized future of the global financial system. Most of the investors purchased cryptocurrencies during the pandemic.


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