The hackers said that they will be looking into all of Do Kwon’s activities in the crypto industry to uncover alleged wrongdoings

Anonymous vowed to solve the “crimes” of Terraform Labs CEO

27.06.2022 - 07:25


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What’s new? The hacker group Anonymous has vowed to make sure that Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs (TFL), is “brought to justice as soon as possible” in connection with the collapse of the Terra blockchain ecosystem in May. A video allegedly released by Anonymous listed Kwon’s wrongdoings, including his role in the collapse of stablecoin Basis Cash, which he allegedly created under the pseudonym Rick Sanchez in late 2020.

Appeal by Anonymous

What else did the hackers say? The group said it will be looking into all of Kwon’s activities in the crypto industry to expose his alleged crimes. Anonymous is confident that many more wrongdoings will be uncovered in the career of the head of TFL. The hackers also criticized Kwon for his “arrogant tactics” of trolling competitors and critics, and noted that he acted as if “he would never fail.”

Anonymous is an international hacktivist movement that originated on 4chan in 2003. They are known for organizing cyberattacks on government agencies, agencies, private corporations, and even the Church of Scientology (the organization’s activities are recognized as undesirable and banned within the Russian Federation).

On May 17, a number of crypto companies and funds accused Kwon of making false statements about the stability of UST and LUNA, as well as the assets’ lack of registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The class action lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Northern California.

South Korean prosecutors banned one of Terra’s main developers from leaving the country. According to law enforcers, he reported that Do Kwon was illegally selling the project’s assets to companies in order to make large profits. The prosecutor's office wants to know if the funds raised in this way were used to artificially inflate the price of LUNA.

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