The new employee has the technological and governmental experience, which will take the company to the next level

​Binance has hired former UN Advisor as Executive Vice President for Europe

05.11.2021 - 13:05


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What's new? Binance cryptocurrency exchange has announced the appointment of Martin Bruncko as its new executive vice president for Europe. Binance stated in a press release that Bruno has a combination of government and technology practice with extensive experience in creating transformational IT companies.

Binance Press Release

What does Bruncko say? He noted in the release that he was glad to join the cryptocurrency trading platform. The new vice president for Europe added:

“I am very excited to be joining Binance in its new phase of growth, as it is starting to put a major focus on compliance and an expansion into more traditional fintech areas. Its cutting edge technologies and the shift toward working ever more closely with regulators give Binance almost limitless opportunities. I look forward to realizing this potential in Europe and beyond.”

What is known about the new employee? Previously, Bruncko served as junior minister for innovations and deputy for European affairs of the minister of finance of Slovakia. He was a member of the Economic and Financial Committee of the EU, Board Member in the European Stability Mechanism, Senior Director, and Head of Europe at the World Economic Forum. Bruncko has been a founder, executive, and board member in several European fintech companies including Stasis, GA Drilling, Neulogy and AeroMobil.

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