The initiative involves close integration with companies working in this field

Chinese university will begin to train specialists on the metaverses

27.09.2022 - 11:45


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What’s new? The Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology has renamed one of its main departments, the Information Engineering Department, to the “Metaverse Engineering Department” in order to integrate more metaverse-related courses into the curriculum. Pan Zhigeng, dean of the renamed department, said that the initiative involves close cooperation of the educational institution with companies working in this field. This will identify their needs and train more talent.

Information on the Global Times website

What else did the dean say? The initiative will enhance students’ qualifications in areas such as healthcare, education, and digital tourism. The department will also create three new research institutes in the fields of metaverse, meteorology, and medicine.

What is the situation with other educational institutions? In July, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announced the construction of the online campus, MetaHKUST, which will allow students to attend classes remotely.

Earlier, the University of Tokyo (Todai) announced the launch of a range of training programs in the metaverse. The courses, based on engineering faculty and graduate school programs, will be available to high school students, undergraduates, and already employed people. They include the basics of programming, AI, and information technology.

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