The study surveyed more than 49 000 consumers in 37 countries

Ericsson links development of the metaverse with introduction of 5G

18.10.2022 - 15:25


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What’s new? Ericsson ConsumerLab conducted the study, from which analysts found that the introduction of 5G would open up users to the metaverse. It also looked at the opinions of consumers who started using the technology in the early stages of its launch, as well as the intentions of non-5G subscribers and their respective expectations. According to experts, 5G users continue to increase their use of immersive digital services. 4G users plan to increase their interaction with the metaverse once they connect to 5G, with 41% saying they will start or increase their use of augmented reality.

“5G: The Next Wave” study

What are the results of the study? The study surveyed more than 49 000 consumers in 37 countries. The data shows that 5G users already spend, on average, one hour more per week on services related to the metaverse than 4G users. Analysts also expect that by 2025, two hours more video content will be consumed weekly on mobile devices, of which 1,5 hours will come from AR/VR (augmented or virtual reality) glasses.

Ericsson ConsumerLab head Jasmeet Singh Sethi noted that consumers consider 5G use an integral part of their lifestyle. He added:

“5G is emerging as an important enabler for early adopters to embrace metaverse-related services, such as socializing, playing and buying digital items in interactive 3D virtual gaming platforms. The amount of time spent on augmented reality apps by 5G users has also doubled over the past two years.”

According to the survey, 6 out of 10 consumers expect 5G offerings to go beyond increases in data volume and speed to specialized on-demand networking capabilities for specific needs.

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