While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are recovering, the largest Ethereum whales have started buying gaming altcoins

​Ethereum whales have started buying gaming altcoins

29.11.2021 - 13:30


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What’s new? According to the WhaleStats tracking system, a list of 10 coins that Ethereum whales are buying has been compiled. It turned out that large crypto players have started stocking up on three gaming altcoins.

The first was the Decentraland gaming metaverse altcoin (MANA). The whale has averaged $74 320 each purchase over the past seven days. The second cryptocurrency is The Sandbox (SAND), with an average value of $27 333. In third place is the Gala gaming ecosystem token (GALA) at $26 339 per transaction.

Sourse: WhaleStats

Why these particular coins? These coins have shown rapid price increases in recent days. At the time of publication, MANA is up 16,6% in the last 24 hours to $5,11. Sandbox is up 27,23% in the past day to $7,61 and GALA is up 25,3% in the same period to $0,72. Judging by the recent trend of the large coin market to a sharp decline, the investors have decided to bolster their investments with such tokens.

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