The recruiters are looking for professionals with cryptocurrency experience and institutions are offering training in this field

​India has seen a surge in demand for blockchain specialists

03.03.2022 - 15:00


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What’s new? In India, the number of job seekers interested in working with blockchain as well as customized cryptography training courses is increasing rapidly. This trend comes in light of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market and plans to develop its own digital currency in the future. This is reported by the publication Forkast.

Material on the Forkast website

How is the crypto sphere evolving in India? At the moment, recruiters are actively looking for professionals with blockchain experience. On LinkedIn India alone, they have posted over 11 000 such jobs recently.

In addition, a growing number of public educational institutions in India are offering blockchain and cryptocurrency training courses. One of them is the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, for example, which is offering a 12-week course on blockchain to prospective students.

What do the experts say? Sandip Chakraborty, associate professor of computer science and engineering at the Kharagpur Institute, believes that interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies will continue in the next few years. According to him, in four to six years, India will have professional blockchain engineers, which the country now lacks.

What had happened before? In January, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at a conference in Davos, where he urged other states to cooperate in controlling cryptocurrencies.


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