According to Cho Young-hwi, the Bicasso platform is a copy of his development called Chatcasso

​Korean designer accuses Binance of plagiarizing the AI platform

03.03.2023 - 12:00


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Binance started March with the launch of Bicasso, an AI-powered NFT generator. The newly launched product garnered immense traction as it minted 10,000 NFT in under three hours. It should be noted that the world’s largest exchange only released the beta version. Within just a day of its launch, accusations surrounding the project began surfacing.

A prominent Korean designer, Cho Young-hwi, took to Twitter and accused the CZ-led platform of “copying” his product. The designer claimed that Bicasso was a replication of Chatcasso. Coincidentally, that project bagged first place in Binance’s BNB Chain Hackathon.

Wow, I never imagined that Binance would copy my service presented during Binance's BNB Chain Hackathon called For your information, this service was the 1st prize winner. LOL!

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