The pre-market is open on the Getgems platform

Notcoin clicker game will release its native token NOT on April 20

03.04.2024 - 12:10


2 min

What’s new? The team of the Notcoin clicker game integrated into Telegram has announced the launch of the native token NOT on April 20. Since March 8, the pre-market has been open on the Getgems NFT marketplace on The Open Network (TON). NOT mined in-game through clicks in the NFT voucher format can be bought and sold with TON tokens. Crypto exchange Bybit also launched a token pre-market on March 25.


What else is known? The NOT pre-market has also been launched on the Shardify platform. Users can purchase NFT vouchers, which will be exchanged for real NOT once the asset launches.

According to Notcoin developers, more than 35 million users have been mining NOT over the past three months. A total of 17,46 trillion coins have been burned. The coin mining phase ended on April 1.

A total of 53 782 squads (squad, a community of users in the game) were created, and more than 2 million players joined the Diamond League, holding the asset. 94% of users were invited to Notcoin by friends.

Notcoin, launched on January 1 by Open Builders, allows players to earn in-game NOT coins through screen touches. For now, NOT is an in-game currency and does not exist on the blockchain.

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