Users will be able to perform various operations with non-fungible tokens, including the creation of collections and secondary sales

OpenSea adds NFT issue and sale functions on the Solana blockchain

20.07.2022 - 08:15


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What’s new? The OpenSea NFT marketplace has announced the integration of the Solana blockchain into its platform. This will allow the creators of non-fungible tokens to issue and sell them directly on the OpenSea platform. Representatives of the platform also highlighted that Solana has ranked among the best blockchains for NFTs over the past year.

News on the OpenSea blog

What else is known about the integration? The Solana integration will provide users with a full NFT experience, including secondary token sales. OpenSea will automatically display all certified Metaplex collections (the standard of NFT operation on Solana) and the most popular Solana Candy Machine (an NFT creation tool). Creators will be able to share links to their collections as soon as tokens are released on the blockchain.

The company stressed that the ownership will remain with the authors and will not be alienated in favor of OpenSea. All NFTs will be stored in the creators’ wallets until they are transferred or sold to other users.

As part of the integration, two new collections have already been announced on the platform: Zoonies (July 20) and Monkai (July 26). To purchase NFTs, one needs to connect a Solana-enabled wallet, such as Phantom or Glow.

Earlier, it was reported that OpenSea blacklisted NFTs for $29 million. The tokens were flagged as suspicious or stolen. This drew criticism from customers, as such notification often appears late and without proper investigation, which is unfair to the customer.

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