In early 2022, the full potential of the new blockchain will be available to users

​Opera browser integrates Solana into its built-in wallet

12.12.2021 - 07:10


1 min

What’s new? The Opera team announced on Twitter its collaboration with Solana. The wallet integration will be completed in the first quarter of 2022. The users will have access to the full potential of the new blockchain in both desktop and mobile versions.

How does Opera aspire to become the main crypto browser? The company has said that Opera will become the first browser to support decentralized applications based on Solana, ahead of its competitor Brave. Opera has been showing interest in cryptocurrencies for a long time. Since 2018, the browser has been actively supporting blockchain technologies and Web 3.0. Currently, Opera's built-in cryptocurrency wallet already supports the TRON and Ethereum ecosystems. The company has more than 380 million users in its ecosystems. This makes Opera one of the most popular and adapted browsers for cryptocurrency.

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