Atsushi Inaba stated this during an interview for the VCG portal

​Platinum Games CEO sees no use for NFT

22.02.2022 - 09:25


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What’s new? The founder of a major gaming company Platinum Games, in the interview for VCG, gave his opinion on the development and popularity of NFTs in the field of blockchain games. According to the company’s CEO Atsushi Inaba, there is no benefit to players in non-fungible tokens. Atsushi Inaba stressed that their game studio has no plans to integrate NFTs into its developments. Note that the company is known for games such as Astral Chain, Star Fox Zero, and Infinite Space.

The full version of the interview

What arguments did the head of Platinum Games give? According to Atsushi Inaba, the current options for token use on the part of other games look disappointing and have no positive impact on either game creators, developers, or the players themselves.

“So that’s frustrating to see happening” the CEO of Platinum Games stressed, mentioning that the game companies are currently more focused on making profits from NFTs than actually developing technologies.


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