In June, the price of a cryptocurrency mining rig averaged 80 290 RUB

Prices for minimum mining set in Russia fell by 21% since the beginning of the year

06.07.2022 - 09:00


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What’s new? In June, the cost of a minimum cryptocurrency mining set in Russia was 80 290 Russian rubles (RUB), Prime reports, citing research by Check Index. This figure is 21% below February’s level, but just 0,12% below the same month last year. Spending on parts other than graphics cards also fell by 14%. Analysts noted that these figures fell due to the drop in the crypto market.

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What happened before? According to a report by cryptocurrency exchange Binance, bitcoin surpassed Ethereum in June in terms of mining revenues for the first time in 2022. Profits from BTC mining totaled $656,47 million, while the profit from ETH was $548,58 million. Analysts noted that the yield from mining was directly proportional to the rate of the cryptocurrency. This means that it declined significantly in the face of the market downturn.

Intel announced the start of sales of its new Blockscale ASIC, a chip for mining. The chip has a hashrate of 0,58 TH/s and its power consumption is between 4,8 to 22,7 W. Each ASIC chip can be combined with other devices into a single mining unit, increasing the performance up to 256 chips per network.


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