The patients will be able to scan a two-dimensional data matrix on the product packaging through the application to get up-to-date information about the medicine

​Singapore medical company uses blockchain to fight counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines

31.01.2022 - 11:55


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What’s new? Singapore-based healthcare provider Zuellig Pharma uses a blockchain-based network to track COVID-19 vaccinations. This is necessary to prevent the use of expired vaccines. The information about this appeared on the South China Morning Post website.

Information on the South China Morning Post website

How will the blockchain work? Zuellig Pharma claims that the new eZTracker blockchain system will help monitor vaccine expiry dates, as well as to detect improperly stored or counterfeit medicines. eZTracker uses the SAP blockchain to collect, track and trace multiple data points to increase the supply chain transparency.

What does the company’s representative say? Daniel Laverick, vice-president and head of digital and data solutions at Zuellig Pharma, explained how the system will work. As vaccines pass-through transfer points in the supply chain, product data is uploaded to eZTracker’s secure blockchain. This guarantees that they cannot be tampered with. He added:

“Accidents involving expired or improperly stored vaccines can be avoided. Patients can scan the 2D data matrix on the product packaging to verify key product information like expiry date, temperature, and provenance through its app powered by blockchain.”


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