He believes this is the beginning of a provocation by “certain structures”

​The founder of the Ukrainian bitcoin exchange Kuna reported that he is being followed

22.11.2021 - 12:25


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He believes this is the beginning of a provocation by “certain structures.”

What’s new? Michael Chobanian, an entrepreneur and founder of the Kuna cryptocurrency exchange, stated that he is being followed. He suggests that this is an initiative of the representatives of “certain structures.”

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“For two weeks I have been under surveillance. Different people, different cars, dummy plates, it's just like in the movies,” he added.

What is the entrepreneur's opinion? Chobanian drew attention to the fact that unknown people tracked his movements, watched when he was coming to and leaving the office, with whom he met. The entrepreneur believes that now a provocation is being prepared by “certain structures” against the cryptocurrency community:

“When that moment comes, I would like us to understand that this is not an attack against me, but against the crypt in Ukraine and the Blockchain Association, of which I am the president.”

What events preceded it? In November 2015, Chobanian’s flat was searched by officers of the Kyiv-based Ministry of Internal Affairs for combating cybercrime. The entrepreneur was accused of illegal bitcoin transactions, which was the reason for the search. Chobanian then filed a lawsuit over the unlawfulness of the search, won a court case, and returned the seized 39 pieces of equipment.


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