It will allow customers to invest in the Solana cryptocurrency

​The Grayscale Investments fund has announced the launch of a new trust

01.12.2021 - 08:00


1 min

What’s new? The official Twitter account of the Grayscale Investments fund has published news about the launch of a new trust based on the Solana cryptocurrency.

“The digital asset class is growing, and we’re expanding our offerings along with it. Gain exposure to SOL, the native token of the Solana network, through the new Grayscale Solana Trust.”

What else is known about the trust? Grayscale Investments says that investors will be able to buy Solana at the net worth, with an annual fee of 2,5% for the trust’s users.

Grayscale Investments is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency investment funds. The number of funds under the management exceeds $52,7 billion. The Solana Trust will be the 16th on the company's list of all current offerings.

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