The project will improve the level of systems security in organizations

​The Russian Federation will offer a service for earning to “white” hackers

26.11.2021 - 11:25


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What’s new? Russia plans to create special platforms where hackers will be able to search for bugs in organizations' systems and earn money from it, Kommersant reports.

Information on the Kommersant website

What is the essence of the project? Positive Technologies, a company focused on creating tools in cybersecurity, will launch one of such platforms. According to the initiative, the project will allow applying the hackers’ knowledge for good. On the platform companies from different spheres of activities will be able to place requests for security systems checks. The Positive Technologies project is designed to become an analog of the international HackerOne platform. The new platform will be launched in May 2022.

Who are the “white” hackers? The specialists who can use their knowledge and experience to audit companies' systems are called “white” or ethical hackers. The process of finding bugs for a fee is called bug bounty, and it is common among foreign IT companies. As for the earnings on the search for vulnerabilities, it can only be limited by the budget an organization is willing to allocate.

Most white hackers work on their own, without using special platforms. They find companies and then hack into their systems, after which they contact the representatives and report the bugs they found. The experts believe that Russian companies do not have a budget to pay “white” hackers and that only large organizations will be able to hire them.

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