The illegal energy consumption by the inspector led to the damage of 231 000 RUB

​The Saratov region traffic police officer was accused of mining in the workplace

02.12.2021 - 11:00


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What’s new? In October, the Department of the Investigative Committee for the city of Saratov opened a criminal case against the traffic police officer accused of exceeding his authority. Now the investigation of the criminal case has been completed, as reported by the Department.

Information from the website of the RF Investigative Committee for the Saratov region

What is the prosecution? The investigation reports that the already former traffic police officer conducted cryptocurrency mining in an unused room belonging to the police from February to July 2021. The inspector's illegal consumption of the energy led to the damage of 231 000 Russian rubles (RUB). During the search, the law enforcers found a bitcoin mining station, as well as a wi-fi router and three power supplies, one of which belonged to the Ministry of Interior. The defendant pleaded guilty, but the criminal case has already been taken to court.

Previously was mentioned the case of the illegal mining at the Polish police headquarters. The theft of the electricity was discovered rather quickly and the accused was immediately fired.

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