A number of criminal cases have been opened over the DDoS attacks

​Ukraine’s National Police investigate cases of cyber attacks on state resources

16.02.2022 - 09:15


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What’s new? The official website of the National Police of Ukraine has published news about the launch of an investigation into cases of cyber attacks committed on various state services. The check was initiated after contacting the police of one of the Ukrainian banks.

News source on the website of the National Police

What is known about the attacks? On Tuesday, February 15, the DDoS attacks were carried out on the websites of a number of Ukrainian banks and state institutions. A special working group was set up after the threat was recorded. The Ukrainian cybersecurity officials are currently taking measures to counteract and localize a cyber attack.

The National Police website has already implemented a DDoS attack protection system, which includes browser checking and manual image selection to get confirmation from users that real people are accessing the site. The sources of such attacks and possible suspects have not yet been reported.


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