According to the founder of Ethereum, there are several ways to achieve this

​Vitalik Buterin has offered methods to reduce the transaction costs

29.11.2021 - 07:50


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What’s new? The official Twitter account of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and blockchain founder Vitalik Buterin has published a document with proposals to reduce fees on the network.

What solutions does Buterin offer? According to Vitalik Buterin, there are two main ways to reduce the cost of transactions in Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum. These include limiting the amount of data in transmitted blocks, as well as sharding, a method of dividing data into blocks and distributing them across different servers (shards).

According to Buterin, the block size should be limited to 1,5 MB to reduce the cost of operations from 16 gas units to three. The second method, sharding, will take longer, but is “the only acceptable solution for scaling the network.”


Michael Golikov Michael Golikov

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