Oct 12, 2021

​Chess player Magnus Carlsen received two copies of the NFT trophy

One of the copies was bought by the chess player’s fan for $25 000

Oct 11, 2021

Car For Coin has started selling Tesla cars in exchange for bitcoins

Customers will be able to pay for the purchase in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency

Oct 9, 2021

​Powerbridge Technologies starts Bitcoin and Ethereum mining in Hong Kong

"Green" energy will be used to mine cryptocurrencies

Oct 8, 2021

​Ethereum 2.0 detected a dangerous bug

With it, node operators may be able to steal user funds

Oct 4, 2021

​Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana sells NFT collection for $5.7 million

“Collezione Genesi” was sold via the platform UNXD, based on the Polygon network