Oct 19, 2021

​The first bitcoin-ETF from ProShares will start trading in the USA

The listing will take place on Tuesday, October 19, on NYSE under the BITO ticker

Oct 19, 2021

​Tribe Capital creates a fund to invest in cryptocurrency startups

$75 million will be allocated to support promising companies from the United States and other countries

Oct 18, 2021

​The Next Earth platform has allocated $64 000 from the sale of NFT to environmental charity

The funds were given to four major organizations, Ocean Cleanup, SEE Turtles, Kiss the Ground and Amazon Watch

Oct 18, 2021

​The shares of the Bakkt financial platform will be traded on the NYSE stock exchange

This became possible after the company merged with SPACE VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings

Oct 16, 2021

​US Senator Cynthia Lummis: Bitcoin will save many countries from poverty

According to the supporter of cryptocurrency, they will be useful when states run out of money

Oct 16, 2021

​SEC accepted application for registration of Bitcoin Strategy ETF from ProShares

The start of trading is scheduled for Monday, October 18

Oct 12, 2021

​Hedge Fund Millennium has demanded from the staff to disclose data on the ownership of cryptocurrencies

Financial News sources believe that the company’s requirement is an attempt to eliminate conflict of interest

Oct 11, 2021

​US Navy employees have been selling classified information for cryptocurrency

The Toebbes have been passing information about the design of nuclear-powered submarines to the undercover FBI agent

Oct 8, 2021

The US deposit insurance may include stablecoins

Government agencies are studying the criteria for adding this type of currency to the insurance program

Oct 7, 2021

​The US Fed considers cryptocurrencies to be one of the possible threats to the dollar’s dominance

In the future, US currency hegemony may also be threatened by the euro and the yuan

Oct 7, 2021

Chainalysis has bought Excygent, a cybercrime investigation company

Together, they will study the use of cryptocurrencies in hacker attacks

Oct 6, 2021

​American U.S. Bank has announced the launching of a cryptocurrency service

The decision was based on increasing demand for a new type of assets from the bank's clients