All transactions then went to one address belonging to the Huobi exchange

About 750 BTC were withdrawn from Finiko's Ponzi scheme wallet

12.11.2021 - 07:35


1 min

What’s new? According to the Youtube channel “Zheleznaya Stavka”, between November 1 and 10, unknown persons made a series of transactions and withdrew large sums of money from the bitcoin wallet of the Finiko Ponzi scheme.

Video report on Youtube

How much money was withdrawn? There were a total of 3 transactions of 250 BTC each. The total amount they were able to send from the Ponzi scheme’s wallet to another wallet was 750 BTC (about $48,5 million).

What is known about further actions? Once the transfers were completed, all funds were subsequently sent to an address belonging to the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi. The unidentified individuals began the process of splitting bitcoins into smaller amounts and transferring them to other addresses in order to confuse the trail.

The channel's author Andrey Alistarov stresses that the exchange should have blocked the said funds long ago, but so far this has not happened and there is a good chance that the unknown persons will be able to cash out the money of the defrauded Ponzi scheme’s users.

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