A local resident violated a previously imposed ban on mining cryptocurrencies

​An illegal mining farm was discovered in basement of a Bishkek hotel

17.03.2022 - 09:55


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What’s new? An illegal cryptocurrency mining farm consisting of 150 miners was discovered by the Kyrgyz law enforcement officers in the basement of Bishkek’s “Tikhiy Zamok” hotel. The equipment was illegally connected to the electricity grid of OJSC “Severelectro.”

News on the website of the SCNS

What is known about the owner of the farm? During the operational activities, the identity of the organizer of the mining farm was identified. He is a resident of Kyrgyzstan born in 1997. According to the law enforcers he had violated a temporary ban on mining imposed by OJSC “National Energy Holding Company.” The State Committee for National Security is assessing the damage caused.

Earlier, a large illegal cryptocurrency mining farm was discovered in the bakery of the village of Druzhny, Novosibirsk region. The total damage from its activities amounted to 200 000 kWh, which in monetary terms exceeded 1 million Russian rubles.


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