The owner of the equipment faces a penalty of imprisonment for up to 5 years

​An illegal mining farm was discovered in a Novosibirsk bakery

16.03.2022 - 10:05


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What’s new? The employees of JSC “RES” and the Department of Internal Affairs have discovered an unregistered cryptocurrency mining farm near Novosibirsk. More than ten ASIC miners were located in the bakery of the village of Druzhny, Kochenevsky district.

News on the website of JSC “RES”

What violations were reported? In addition to conducting illegal business activities, the owner of the farm used neodymium magnets to distort the meter readings and fake magnetic field indicator seals. The total damage from the miner’s activities amounted to 200 000 kWh, which in monetary terms exceeds 1 million Russian rubles.

The owner of the bakery faces a penalty of imprisonment for up to five years, under Article 165 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 2 of paragraph b: “Infliction of damage on property by deceit or breach of trust, inflicting damage on a large scale.”

JSC “RES” warned that illegal mining leads to negative consequences for power grids and consumers in the form of power surges, damaged household appliances, and emergency power outages.


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