According to the expert’s chart, the value of altcoin may fall by almost 40%

​Analyst Benjamin Cowen predicts the collapse of the ETH rate to bitcoin

29.06.2023 - 14:10


4 min

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What’s new? Cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen on his Twitter account shared a bear prediction about the rate of Ethereum paired with bitcoin. Thus, in his opinion, the trading pair ETH/BTC is on the verge of “collapsing.” According to Cowen’s chart, the value of the altcoin could fall by almost 40%, below 0,03800000 BTC. As of June 29, 13:50 UTC, the value of ETH on Binance is 0,06077 BTC, down by 1,12% in 24 hours.

Cowen’s other predictions. The analyst expects that the price of the native token of the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain platform is also likely to fall in tandem with bitcoin. He noted that “below 0,00001700 BTC, there is not much support for a while.” At the time of writing this news, the rate of MATIC to BTC on Binance is 0,00002063 (-0,96% overnight).

Cowen also emphasized that the value of the native token of the Solana (SOL) blockchain to the first cryptocurrency has been repeating the same scenario for two years. According to him, investors pump up the rate of altcoin in this pair, after which it sets new lows. The analyst noted the downtrend on the current price chart as well. SOL is trading at 0,0005726 BTC (+6,86%).

Using the Cardano (ADA) network’s native coin as an example of how drastically altcoins can fall when paired with bitcoin, Cowen recalled that “Exactly 4 years ago, ADA/BTC was at 0,00000900 BTC (same as today). Approximately 5-6 weeks later, it was at 0,00000400 BTC.” ADA is trading at 0,00000896 BTC (-1,21%).

In May, Cowen allowed the possibility that the bitcoin rate is likely to fluctuate between $12 000 and $35 000 before the end of 2023. He noted a downward trend in the asset’s profitability, suggesting it will continue in the future.

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