With an allegedly discovered vulnerability in Telegram, he collected data on numerous crimes by popular bloggers

Anonymous Twitter user promised to expose crypto influencers

08.06.2022 - 09:50


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What’s new? A Twitter user nicknamed adyingnobody (ADN) claims to have used a vulnerability in the Telegram messenger to secretly collect information in the private chats of cryptocurrency bloggers. He said he collected 137,21GB of data on fraud, financial fraud, as well as sexual offenses, and incidents of racism and homophobia.

The full version of the thread on the TwitLonger website

What else did the user say? ADN plans to expose reputable bloggers in the field of cryptocurrencies by publishing data he has collected. According to the user, three years ago he and his colleague discovered a vulnerability in the messenger that allows overviewing the recent messages of any group on Telegram of any user without directly joining this group.

From October 2019 to May 2022, ADN collected data using a special script and, as a result of processing the information received, discovered a number of crimes committed by crypto bloggers. According to the user, many of them “will not survive” exposure, either because of the public outcry or because of the financial fraud discovered.

Telegram representatives have already commented on these claims. They believe ADN’s words have “all the hallmarks of a hoax” and are likely an attempt to steal the private keys to users’ cryptocurrency wallets.


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