In this, the market capitalization of the asset can reach $28,5 trillion

​ARK Invest predicts BTC to rise above $1 million by 2030

26.01.2022 - 14:15


1 min

What’s new? The analysts at Cathie Wood’s investment firm ARK Invest have published a prediction, giving their guidelines on the price dynamics of cryptocurrencies. The experts believe that by 2030, BTC quotes can reach $1,36 million and the asset’s market capitalization of $28,5 trillion. At the same time, Ethereum’s capitalization may rise to $22,5 trillion.

Link to the ARC Invest analysts’ report

How did the experts explain their opinion? The fund experts’ prediction is based on an October 2021 report by the securities trading group SIFMA. It states that the market value of BTC and other cryptocurrencies will grow in parallel with the capitalization of the US stock exchanges.

In addition, as explained by ARK Invest, the predictions for digital currencies are based on expectations of their speedy legalization in various countries around the world.

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