Starting 14:00 UTC, users can deposit and withdraw from the platform again

​Binance completes maintenance and resumes spot trading

24.03.2023 - 16:00


1 min

What’s new? Binance has completed system maintenance and resumed all trading activity almost 2,5 hours after the failure. Starting from 14:00 UTC, users can also deposit and withdraw funds from the platform again. At the same time, the Binance team warned that the stop orders in place at the time of the system failure (around 11:40 UTC) automatically expired.

Announcement on the Binance blog

What else does the blog say? Binance representatives recommended that futures and margin trading users with open positions re-assess collateral balances before spot trading to mitigate possible price fluctuations. They also apologized for any inconvenience caused.

What is known about the bug? According to the exchange’s CEO Changpeng Zhao, the reason was a bug on a trailing stop order detected by the matching engine. In this, he assured users of the safety of funds

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