Users will have access to all the functions of the platform, regardless of the balance and the time that passed since the previous activity

Bitstamp cancels the “inactivity fee” due to criticism from customers

07.07.2022 - 11:15


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What’s new? Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp will not impose a fee on inactive accounts. The platform planned to charge a monthly fee of €10 from August 1 to users with assets in the amount of less than €200 in assets who had not made transactions for a year, but the initiative sparked a wave of criticism from the exchange’s customers.

Bitstamp’s blog

Bitstamp’s comments. The exchange team apologized for any inconvenience, noting that it highly appreciates and listens to the community’s opinion, so no “inactivity fee” will be imposed. Customers can continue to use all the platform’s services regardless of their balance and the time passed since the previous activity. The company also stressed that despite the downturn in the cryptocurrency market, the exchange does not experience financial difficulties.

Bitstamp earlier started asking its customers for the source of the assets they store on the platform. The exchange introduced new measures to comply with regulatory requirements. In April, Bitstamp began blocking Russians without the option to withdraw funds.

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