The funds were received as part of the Series B funding round

​Blockmetrix raised $43 million to buy miners

10.03.2022 - 08:45


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What’s new? Blockmetrix, a US startup specializing in the mining of cryptocurrencies, has reported the successful completion of another funding round. In total, the company managed to raise $43 million in Series B funding from investors from various regions of the world.

Blockmetrix’s press release

What will the funds be used for? Blockmetrix said that it plans to use the funding to further expand its fleet of miners. In total, the Texas-based startup will purchase around 5000 new devices. In a previous round of funding, the company also directed funds towards the purchase of miners, with more than 1000 cryptocurrency mining machines were acquired.

Blockmetrix CEO Nevin Bannister thanked investors from the USA, Australia, and Asian countries for their support and stressed that the company aims to continue scaling quickly and to have a third round of funding soon.


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