Russia has entered the top ten of the ranking for realized gains from investments in digital assets

​Chainalysis: Russians earned $4,29 billion using cryptocurrencies in 2021

22.04.2022 - 07:30


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What’s new? Russian crypto investors were able to record a profit of $4,29 billion in 2021. The analysts at Chainalysis have published a report with data on the amount of realized gains from investments in cryptocurrencies by country. The investors received a total of $162 billion in 2021. Russia is in the top ten, ranking seventh.


Which other countries topped the ranking? The leader in 2021 was the United States with a figure of $46,95 billion. The United Kingdom is on the second line, investors from this country received $8,16 billion, and Germany with a figure of $5,83 billion rounds out the top three.

Investments in Ethereum were more profitable than in Bitcoin, $76,3 billion versus $74,7 billion. The experts cited the high level of development of the decentralized protocols based on the Ethereum blockchain as one of the main reasons.

What had happened before? In March 2022, the analytical company Chainalysis unveiled new free software to track sanctioned crypto wallets. The smart contract checks address from EVM-compatible networks with a blacklist of users.


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