The devices allow you to bypass the Nvidia limiter using a mobile processor

​China has created custom graphics cards for Ethereum mining

09.03.2022 - 08:00


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What’s new? On Chinese websites selling second-hand things and equipment, graphics cards have appeared that allow you to bypass the Nvidia limiter for mining and extract Ethereum cryptocurrency with the performance of 50 MH/ s. This was reported by local media.

The news on the CnBeta website

What is known about the new miners? The devices do not have any marking or data about the manufacturer. The prices of different models are at the level of $550. Most likely, these are custom miners of their own design, which are supplemented with a special mobile processor.

Graphics cards allow you to mine Ethereum, bypassing the Nvidia blocking, which reduces the mining power by half. Nvidia made this decision to focus its products on the gamers’ market. However, miners have learned to use various tricks to circumvent this restriction, including methods such as mining two different coins simultaneously or using a special mobile processor.


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