The phishing site offers potential victims to link a wallet to check the possibility of receiving the asset

​Dune Analytics warns of fraud with the launch of the DUNE token

29.03.2023 - 07:05


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What’s new? On March 28, the team at the analytics portal Dune warned about the appearance of scammers who announced the launch of a token of the same name on behalf of the project. On the Twitter account, which is currently deactivated, the attackers posted a link to the phishing site of the DUNE token, where users are invited by connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to check if they can claim to receive the asset. This is likely how they intended to gain access to the funds of potential victims.

Details about the situation. On March 27, the Dune Analytics team presented a roadmap for integrating the platform with Large Language Models (LLMs), in particular with the fourth version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot. For example, the Dune portal now can convert coded SQL queries into natural language using AI.

Soon, the bot will be able to give a detailed explanation of the query’s essence, and later, to make the platform more convenient to use, queries can be immediately formulated in natural language, particularly in English. Dune’s internal system will independently interpret them and translate them into SQL to extract the necessary data. The team emphasizes that the feature will not only simplify data analysis for non-technical users but will also speed up the process of obtaining information for experienced analysts.

The scammers based their scheme on this press release, adding that in addition to LLM integration, the platform also allegedly runs the DUNE token. Nearly 20 000 people subscribed to their Twitter account before it was blocked.

On February 20, cybersecurity company PeckShield reported a sharp increase in the number of scam tokens using AI topics for promotion, which has recently been gaining popularity in the crypto space.

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So, the Coinbase exchange studied the possibilities of using ChatGPT when evaluating assets before the listing but abandoned the initiative due to the bot’s imperfection in identifying potential risks. On March 17, Cointelegraph journalists invested $100 in six assets recommended by ChatGPT for the highest profit, the experiment has not yet been completed.

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