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​Ethereum 2.0 detected a dangerous bug

08.10.2021 - 09:55 Michael Golikov Michael Golikov

With it, node operators may be able to steal user funds.

What's new? On Twitter, Stake Wise posted news about the discovery of a critical bug in Ethereum 2.0 protocols called Lido and Rocket Pool. According to the co-founder of the service Dmitry Tsumak, there is a serious risk of the funds’ theft.

What consequences can be there? This vulnerability allows validators and operators of Ethereum 2.0 nodes to take over users' assets. Lido representatives believe that about $71 million is already under threat, however, in their opinion, node operators will not use this bug, because they represent “respected and ethical companies”.

When will the bug be fixed? Currently, Lido has limited stacking limits for operators, and Rocket Poll has reported testing new methods for bug fixing in collaboration with Sigma Prime auditors. Preliminary verification results may be available by October 18.