The users were able to unlock the power of the RTX 3080ti LHR with a BIOS update

​Ethereum miners received 21% more hashrate on Nvidia graphics cards

14.12.2021 - 07:55


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What’s new? The miners were able to unlock an additional hashrate on Nvidia RTX 3080ti LHR graphics cards thanks to a BIOS update, according to a report from OwnSwap. LHR or “Lite Hash Rate” is a line of Nvidia’s GPUs that initially comes with a limiter on the cards' total mining hashrate.

Link to the OwnSwap report

What was before this update? Previously, the holders of these graphics cards could only use 50% of the GPU’s power. After some time, the NBminer mining program update was able to unlock an additional 20%. Afterward, some miners were able to unlock the remaining 30%, but there was one nuance. The extra power could not be used to mine Ethereum, 70% of the hashrate went to ETH, and the remaining 30% went to another coin.

How did the new power get unlocked? A few days ago, a firmware update for the RTX 3080ti LHR by EVGA, Nvidia's partner, was released. It fixed the GPU’s power limitations during high loads times. The ETH miners can now run at 80 MH/s instead of 66 MH/s. The owners of RTX 3080ti from other Nvidia partners can download this update and flash the BIOS themselves, but there is a danger of blocking the graphics card. Some cardholders have managed to achieve even more significant results.


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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