Such data is provided in a survey conducted by Self

​Every 25th American wants to get a cryptocurrency on Valentine’s Day

14.02.2022 - 07:15


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What’s new? Around 4,3% of US internet users would love to receive digital assets as a gift for Valentine’s Day. This includes both classic cryptocurrencies as well as virtual art, such as tokens from well-known NFT collections.

News source on the Self website

What else is known about the survey? A total of 1500 American adults took part in the study, 1200 of whom were in a relationship at the time of the survey. The average amount of money that respondents are going to spend on a gift for their other half was over $115. At the same time, men are traditionally more willing to spend than women, $130 versus roughly $100.

Even though only 1 in 25 respondents of the survey is ready to accept a gift in cryptocurrency, not everyone is ready to figure out this area and make a surprise for a loved one. According to the survey, the most popular gifts today will be a romantic dinner, sweets, jewelry, a trip within the United States, and flowers.


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