The actress will use the Cash App of the Block payment company

​Gwyneth Paltrow to raffle $500 000 in bitcoins

22.12.2021 - 09:40


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What’s new? Gwyneth Paltrow has announced holding a bitcoin giveaway on her Twitter. The actress will be using Jack Dorsey's company Cash App, Block. The users should leave their tag in the Cash App and the hashtag #CashAppGifting under her Twitter or Instagram post to participate in the raffle.

How is Paltrow related to cryptocurrency? The star stated that she started using cryptocurrency back in 2017, but it took her a few years to freely manipulate bitcoin. Paltrow recently invested in the Terawulf bitcoin mining project. And in 2017, she became an advisor to the crypto platform Abra.

What had happened before? Former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey's company has launched a campaign to coincide with the Christmas holidays. The users have the opportunity to give and transfer cryptocurrency to their loved ones. It was previously reported that Dorsey's new project was renamed from Square to Block.


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