As a result of the attackers’ actions, about $4,8 million was withdrawn from the platform

Hackers hacked the hot wallet of crypto exchange ZB

04.08.2022 - 06:40


2 min

What’s new? Analytics company PeckShield reported that Asian cryptocurrency exchange ZB (22nd place in the CoinMarketCap ranking of exchanges) was hacked. Hackers managed to gain access to the platform’s hot wallet. Preliminary damage from the attack is estimated at $4,8 million.

What else is known about the hack? According to PeckShield, a suspicious movement of 21 crypto assets was recorded on the network which were later transferred to various exchanges. Part of the funds was sold for 2224 ETH (more than $3,66 million at the rate as of August 4, 06:10 UTC). The remaining assets worth about $1 million are still stored in the hackers’ wallets. As a result of the attackers’ actions, the daily trading volume at the exchange fell by 25,23% over the last 24 hours.

On August 2, the exchange suspended deposit and withdrawal of funds, citing the need for maintenance “due to the sudden failure of some core applications.” The platform team announced this on Twitter.

What is known about the exchange? ZB positions itself as “the world’s most secure digital asset exchange.” Since 2013, the platform has served more than 15 million users from around the world. The exchange has offices in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the US. The daily trading volume is $1,13 billion as of August 4. There are 188 digital assets and 350 currency pairs on the platform.

The attack on ZB was the second major incident this week. On August 3, users of Solana wallet were hacked. In total, more than 8000 addresses were affected, and the total damage from the attack exceeded $7 million.

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