The attack was made on the user’s hot wallet

​Hackers stole $1,6 million from the wallet of DeFiance Capital founder

22.03.2022 - 10:30


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What’s new? The founder of crypto investment company DeFiance Capital with the pseudonym Arthur_0x lost about $1,6 million in NFTs and digital assets in a hacking attack on one of his hot wallets, CoinTelegraph reports.

News on the CoinTelegraph website

What else is known about the attack? Arthur_0x lost access to a total of 78 NFTs from five collections. In addition, 68 WETH, 4349 stkDYDX, and 1578 LOOKS are known to have been stolen. As of 09:00 Moscow time on March 22, the hacker had 545 ETH worth $1,6 million in his wallet.

Arthur_0x asked the crypto community to help him in catching the hacker and blacklisting his addresses. A member with the nickname Cirrus responded to the call, bought back the two stolen NFTs, and returned them to the founder of DeFiance Capital at cost.

“I found out they [NFT] were hacked, and instead of selling them for profit like the other folks who got some of his, decided I’d sell them back to him at cost to help him out,” Cirrus said.

Cryptocurrency projects such as Hundred Finance and Agave have previously faced hacking attacks. In total, the attackers managed to withdraw about $11 million in assets such as WETH, WBTC, WXDAI, GNO, LINK, and USDC.


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